Bespoke box making

At Grays we are passionate about what we do.

All of our products are made to your exact requirements and designed with you in mind. Beauty, ingenuity and quality is reflected in the elegant boxes we produce on our clients’ behalf. All of our boxes are hand made and bespoke. All sizes can be catered for, in any quantity whether one-off or thousands.

  • Lid & Base - These boxes can be made using various thicknesses if board and covered in most materials. Often used for shoe boxes, perfume boxes or to hold books.
  • Presentation Boxes - This box is made with an inner tray which can have a ribbon pull-out, foam inserts, built-in compartments, pull-out drawers amongst many other uses. The outer case wraps round the outside with a magnetic closure. Used for Presentations and High Quality literature.
  • Drop Back Boxes - These are constructed using an outer case and 2 inner trays. The left hand side being three sided, so that when it closes it goes over the top of the right sided tray which can be made three sided or 4 sided. Used for housing a book or multiple books amongst other uses.
  • Clamshell Boxes - This is made using a single thin board allowing the box to be made as a single piece. The left hand side is slightly bigger than the right side allowing for a clam style closure. Used for holding various items.
  • Pieced Slip Cases - Pieced together using 5 separate boards allowing for square edges. Usually 3mm board.
  • Die-Cut Slip Cases - Die-Cut board up to a thickness off 2.3mm. Edges not as sharp as pieced. More economic on longer runs.

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"Grays Bookbinders are always up to the task, however big or small, consistently delivering a quality product on time and on budget…"

Fabio Mazza - Lightfoot Marketing

Enhancing your
brand value

Packaging can add real value to your brand and can greatly enhance the value of your product. As packaging is the first thing that is usually seen, its ability to evoke emotion surrounding the perceived value of what is inside cannot be underestimated.

The anticipation and excitement of receiving beautiful packaging makes the experience truly special and we are delighted to play our small part in our clients' success.

Our bespoke boxes are made to order and hand crafted to suit your needs. Get in touch (link to contact page) to discuss your requirements or to learn about the options available to you. As leading experts in bespoke box making, we specialise in finding the best solution for your packaging requirements, whether you have an idea in mind already or are unsure about what you need.

We love what we do and we are very proud of the way we do it!

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